Before every trip I go on, I make a list of travel essentials and a good backpack is always near the top of the list no matter what type of trip it is. I ask a lot of my backpack so it’s important that it’s able to fulfill all of my diverse needs whether I’m out hiking on trails, traveling by airplane, or exploring the city. On any given day, my backpack will be holding my camera and lenses, plenty of snacks, water, and any hiking and camping supplies I need for the day’s adventures. A lot of backpacks only excel in some of these arenas so it’s always amazing when I’m able to find a pack that can serve all of my needs. For my recent trip to Glacier National Park in Montana, I decided to turn to the new in order to find the best possible pack for this particular trip. While searching for the perfect pack, I came across packs of all shapes and sizes suited for all sorts of different adventures in nature and the city. I ended up deciding on the awesome Topo Designs Rover Pack. It was perfect to fit all of my camera gear, my waterproof jacket, food, snacks, and of course, bear spray, while also being comfortable enough to wear on extended hikes on some of Glacier National Park’s most beautiful trails. With this pack, I was confident that all of my gear was protected from Montana’s ever-changing weather. Here are a few of my favorite images with the new backpack!